Bean processing plants

  • Aspiration Channel

    The SCHULE aspiration channels AS and AS U are used for the separation of products with different specific gravities. The aspiration channel is primarily used to remove product particles with a lighter specific weight from a wide variety of cereals.

  • Destoner

    The SCHULE destoners ST and ST D are used for the separation of stones in a continuous process. Due to its mode of operation, the destoner separates specifically heavier components from the lighter accepted product. Stones, broken glass and metal can be sorted out with a high degree of separation, even if they do not differ from the accepted product in size and shape.

  • High-Capacity Closed Circuit Husk Separator

    The SCHULE high-capacity closed circuit husk separator HUS 1260 is used to separate the light fraction from the heavy fraction in a continuous process.

  • Conical Shelling Machine

    The conical SCHULE shelling machine is used for gentle shelling of various grains, such as wheat, rye and barley. It is also used in legume processing, e.g. for soybeans or peas. The conical shelling machine is characterised by a high shelling degree combined with a high throughput.

  • Circular Screen

    The SCHULE circular screen is used in oat, wheat, rye, spelt, barley, maize, soya, pea, buckwheat, millet and rice mills as well as in silos for grain cleaning. The screens can be used to remove coarse and fine impurities from the grain as well as to classify products into different sizes.

  • Colour Sorting Machine

    To achieve the highest possible quality of the final product, SCHULE colour sorting machines are used. They can be equipped with different cameras depending on the application. Colour differences, different surface discolouration and concealed damage, e.g. below a husk, can be detected.

  • Cylindrical Shelling Machine

    The cylindrical SCHULE shelling machine is used for gentle shelling of various cereals such as wheat, rye and barley, but also for processing legumes.