Hydrothermal cooking plant

  • Horizontal Belt Cooker

    Starch gelatinization, inactivation of lipolytic enzymes and the best possible preparation of the product for the flaking process, all of this is, among other things, ensured by the hydrothermal SCHULE conditioner.

  • Circular Screen

    The SCHULE circular screen is used in oat, wheat, rye, spelt, barley, maize, soya, pea, buckwheat, millet and rice mills as well as in silos for grain cleaning. The screens can be used to remove coarse and fine impurities from the grain as well as to classify products into different sizes.

  • Fluidised Bed Drier

    The SCHULE fluidised bed drier has been designed for gentle drying and cooling of cereals, flakes and legumes. It is completely made of stainless steel, specifically for the requirements of the food industry.

  • Soaking tank

    During various hydrothermal processes, the product moisture must be significantly increased. The SCHULE soaking tank is ideal for this purpose.